Just, Just Take A Look At This.


I’m At A Loss For Words. You have officially seen a red Ford Transit drift, you can now die in peace. Thanks For Viewing, Make Sure To Check Out Our Other Posts!

991 GT3 RS 4.0

That’s right, we’ve found some new heavenly sounds for you to check out! And for today it’s the mighty melody of the Porsche 991 GT3 RS 4.0 in POV form. Thank You For Reading, Make Sure To Check Our Other Posts Out!


Listen to the Devilish Melody of the 500 horsepower macho E Class Everyone knows and loves! Thanks For Reading, Make Sure To Check Out Our Other Picks! You Won’t be Disappointed…

audi r8

A V10 Audi that has twin turbos? Does it really get better than that? Yes, when it’s an R8 and has Anti-lag. Check it out. Thanks For Reading This Post, Make Sure To Check Our Other Work Out. You Won’t Be Disappointed


This Has Got To Be The Most Violent Way Of Building Boost I’ve Ever Seen In My Life! This Classic Bimmer E30 is powered by a Marvelous M50B25 From The E34 525i which is Spiced-up By a PT6765 Turbo! This Swedish speed addict has definitely made wonders out of this car. I mean just listen to theRead More…


Monstrous Dodge Ram 3500 Megacab Dually supposedly making aroun 1200HP And Over 2000 ft/lbs of Torque as stated in The Video’s Description! Thank You For Checking Out This Post, Don’t Forget To Share And Check Out Our Other Posts!


  The Porsche 928 GTS was the ultimate, Most Hardcore And Brutal version of the 928 Model and it also cost up and around $90,000, which is roughly The Hefty equivalent to $180,000 In Today’s Money! Thank You For Checking Out Our Post, If You Enjoyed Make Sure To Check Out Our Other Work And Don’tRead More…


The V8 in this Kadett was Borrowed from a Fourth Gen Corvette, and now Makes 650bhp and revs to Almost 10,000rpm! When this Kadett was Manufactured in 1976, Opel probably didn’t expect this to happen to it. Originally available with a maximum of 108bhp, this bright yellow Opel Kadett now Makes A Bit More Than 650hp. Its 5.7-litre ChevyLT5Read More…

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Former IndyCar Winner Sam Schmidt Was Sadly Paralysed From The Neck Down in 2001 But Has Started Driving!   Determination, hard work, competitive spirit, and the love of racing. Champion Indy racing driver, Sam Schmidt, is an inspiration After crashing his car at 210 mph and becoming a quadriplegic in 2001, Sam is back inRead More…


The Gen-1 Audi R8 Was a HUGE Success, here’s Why!

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