THIS is Smokey Nagata’s LEGENDARY V12 SUPRA!


A What kinda Supra?! V12, you read that right. Smokey Nagata’s Top Secret V12 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra! What a great experience getting the chance to shoot this piece of automotive history. The car was debuted originally at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2007. Originally Smokey was tired of waiting for Toyota to announce a newRead More…


This video truly showcases the towing power of The very highly praised Tesla Model X, and We must say.. It Does NOT disappoint! Tesla Model X towing large heavy fully loaded Volvo Truck on Snow.. Thank You For Reading!


3500 Horsepower. HOW MUCH?! 3500. All that needs to be said. In the past there have been many Lamborghinis, Gallardos, Murcielagos, heck, even Aventadors that have been pushing way over 1500 horsepower. But this Huracan puts out a bit more than that.. Double to be exact.. Underground Racing straight up killed it at TX2K18. TheseRead More…


This is a video documenting all of the possible things that can go wrong on a 90s R129 Mercedes SL! From the convertible top only going half the way up to leaks originating from the left half of the big six litre powerplant here is everything that went wrong on this 1997 SL600. Have aRead More…

ZAC F250

This is one good looking and mean 2005 Ford F250 Powerstroke one that has been under some modification in the garage and now it is out on the streets for a test drive and showing off. From the video we can see that the truck is too powerful. When the driver steps on the gas pedal, thereRead More…


We are acheiving new levels of What The F**K I Definitely wouldn’t have minded being taken to school by this bus everyday! Thank You For Reading!


Boy, oh boy do I have a treat for you today.. Watch THIS 900 HORSEPOWER Ford GT Terrorize tunnels and shoot mad flames while it’s at it! This is probably the LOUDEST Car in northern Europe, the creator of the video is trying to keep up with his also very loud Lamborghini Gallardo fitted withRead More…


You’ve probably seen, heard or even both about TRC’s Mad 4-figure horsepower Supra Well This is Maria Evo Girl’s onboard reaction. You may have heard about Maria already, most likely because she has an awesome Mitsubishi Evo VIII of her own! The mods of this Supra include: -3.0L built by Real Street Performance (RS1600) -ManleyRead More…


I’m At A Loss For Words. You have officially seen a red Ford Transit drift, you can now die in peace. Thanks For Viewing, Make Sure To Check Out Our Other Posts!

991 GT3 RS 4.0

That’s right, we’ve found some new heavenly sounds for you to check out! And for today it’s the mighty melody of the Porsche 991 GT3 RS 4.0 in POV form. Thank You For Reading, Make Sure To Check Our Other Posts Out!

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