This is Not Only The Fastest Civic, But The Fastest Front Wheel Driven Stock – Chassis Car Ever!

This Is The Most Bonkers Honda Civic That there is probably Out There! This Civic Is Making an EXTREMELY BIG horsepower figure, Yes You Probably Guessed It as it is In The Title. This Civic is Making a Giant 1850 HP at the Crank, while of those 1850 ponies around 1600 Are sent out to the wheels! And What’s Even More Surprising? Get this… This car has, drum roll please… THREE – HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND MILES. This Car is Just Pure┬áMadness at it’s Finest! Now a bit more Technical information about this beastly civic. This Honda is Powered by a 2.0 Litre Inline 4 with A Turbo The Size of Pluto Strapped onto it. And What times is This Car getting at The Drag Strips you ask. It is getting Mid to Low 7s and With a Speed OF 200 MPH. GOD DAMN. It is also oficially as of The 18th Of November 2016 Holds The World Record For The FAstest Front Wheel Drive Drag Car. And It did all of this with a H Pattern Manual Gearbox!

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