This Classic Mini is a synonym for Borderline Madness!

In this video you will see the famous Ringmini on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. This car is JUST UNBELIEVEABLE. This Classic Mini Cooper is powered by a 1.6 VTEC B16 A1 engine with a Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger. If you don’t know what that means… It means fast… really fast. It has been mapped somewhat conservatively, but still makes a Bonkers 250HP and 270nm of torque! The new engine is mated to a Honda CRV gearbox and this time is combined to a particular 4WD system: the front and rear differential are standard units, while the central differential basically it has been removed, in order to have a 100% locked system.


Some of the Other modifications which make this thing the vicious little beast that it is include: a custom widebody kit with air intakes, custom lexan windows, custom suspension, Rover 114 front axle, custom made soft compound tires, a Sparco Steering wheel, 280mm Opel brakes, Carbopads, Integra calipers, and a full rollcage. The car only weighs 850kg’s (1874lbs) (with the driver & fuel), this in combination with the AWD system which basically means that this car is a Hellspawn Beast!

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