This Is The Best Dad In THE WORLD!


Some of you might have heard of Giorgi Sulava…

Yes, He is That Awesome Georgian Car Guy that owns that Beautiful White E60 BMW M5 With up and around 530 Horse Powers. Giorgi is Also one of, if not The Coolest ” Car Guy ” Dads There Is! If You go To His Channel You will find lots of Quality Content revolving around Cars. This Including Various Races, Test drives And Even A Video Of Him Having Fun In The M5 with His Kids!

So Awesome!

He participates in Various Automotive related Activities with His Children! They’re So Lucky to have Such a Cool Dad! Make sure to check out His Channel, It’s Worth It, I Guarantee It! Though My Favourite Video Is the Following:

This Little Kid Drives A 530 HP BMW M5 With Some Help of His Father!

He will Grow up to be a Legend! And while This Might Seem Awesome to Some and Extremely Dangerous to Others remember that His Father Is right there and if, God Forbid he does some mistake he can Easily save It Because He is controlling The Pedals!

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