Is This The Best Taxi Ever?

MERC W 124

This Might Just Be The Best Taxi In The World!

This Is A Special Mercedes 300 E, In Fact This Is A VERY Special Mercedes 300 E! And, No I Haven’t Gone Mad! This Mercedes 300 E Is Very Special For A Reason… This 30 Year Old Diesel Mercedes TAXI… Is A 600+ HP INSANE DRIFT CAR!!!

To Back Me Up Here Is Video Evidence!

This Is Insane! And As A Bonus There’s A LS1 Powered And Procharged Mercedes E – Class Drift Car!

Some More Very Interesting Facts About The Mercedes W124

So The Car Shown In The Video Above Is A 20 – 30 Year Old Mercedes W124 E – Class. Said Car Is Powered By A 3.0L Turbocharged Mercedes Diesel Engine, Also Known As The OM 606, Is Known To Be Insanely. INSANELY Reliable, And Aside From It’s Immortal Capabilities It Is Also Very Tunable. As A Matter Of Fact It Is Easily Tunable Up To 300+ HP And There Are Many cases Where This Same Engine Is Used In Drift Cars, Drag Cars, Race Cars, Or Just ” Race ” Cars With Up 500, 600, 700 And In Rarer Cases 800 HP. 800 HP, 800 Flippin’ Horsepowers Out Of A 30 Year Old MERCEDES DIESEL ENGINE?!

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