This BMW 525d Sounds Unbelievable!


A Good Sounding Diesel?! That’s A Thing Of Mythology! Well… It Used To Be…

It’s interesting how in the world of cars people are so fond of the sound of vehicles. It doesn’t even matter if those cars are from this day or have been produced 50 years ago. Whether they are for sale at the moment, or their production has been brought to an end, people never cease to admire their engineering excellence, their aesthetic looks and of course, their performance. It’s quite fascinating how human intelligence and creativity produces creations that continue to last and amaze us.

Like the German automotive brilliance – BMW. Here we have a nice example of a deleted BMW sample of the fifth generation of the 5-series produced from 2003 to 2010. Specifically it’s a matter of the BMW E60 525d. Could you imagine that a diesel engine BMW could sound so amazing? This particular BMW E60 525d filmed in Belgium is fitted with a custom 3-inch exhaust system, diesel particulate filter and deleted cat’s. The engine that runs under the hood of the car is a 2500cc motor, M57 2.5d capable to produce power of 285 hp+ and torque of 580nm+. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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