How Cars Went From Boxy to Curvy?!


Have You Ever wondered why We suddenly stopped Making Those Awesome Oldschool Boxy Cars?

If so, Today we Have Found a Very Good video that was made by Vox. Make Sure to subscribe to Their Channel for more quality work like this right here! If you Take some cars, one from the 70s and one from the 90s, What do you differences do you notice? Perhaps the Technology, The Interior, Probably Some Safety Requirements, the Engine, Maybe Even The Wheels?! But Mainly The Design. Most Times The Cars From the 70s Had a  very, very much boxier design, unlike the cars that were manufactured in the 90s which had a more modern, sleeker looking design.

But This of course Wasn’t always the case, in fact Even Frome The 1930s Up until the Late 1950s A very big number of automobiles came with a fairly curvy design. Their shape was made to be curvier because curvier shapes have smaller wind resistance, That would Massively Improve it’s fuel economy and was a Much Cheaper way of getting better fuel economy unlike fine tuning the engine until it got good results.

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