The CHEAPEST Dodge Viper Ever!


We’ve All Been There At Some Point In our Life… Looking On The ” Below $12,000 V10, V12 Cars ” But We Have Been Told To Stay Away From These So Called ” Bargains ” Because Of Very Expensive Maintenance And Known For Their Unreliability… Or So We Thought!

Rob Feretti Is The Co – Founder Of Gotham Dream Cars, And Youtuber. In This Video He Explains How Vinne, A Friend Of His Bought A Viper For 10 Grand! Now Most Of You Are Probably Going To Think That Vinnie Is A Mad Man… But Here Is Why This Is Probably A Pretty Good Investment:

1. He Got This Gen 2 Viper For 10 Grand.

2. Most Of The Good Condition Gen 2 Vipers Cost From $30K To $40K.

3. A ” Big Part ” Of This Viper’s Problems Are With It’s Paint, Which Can Be Easily Fixed. ( It Mainly Has Some Scratches On The Top )

4. It Has Some Engine Issues That Vinnie Knew About When Buying It. ( 4 Cylinders Not Running Properly ) – But Overall The Engine Itself Is Pretty Bulletproof.

To Fix These Problems It Will Cost A Total Of ~ $ 11,500. ( Let’s Say $10k For The Paint And $1200 – $1500 For The Cylinder Heads. )

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