EXTREME Road Rage!


Road Rage is quite a Common Feeling Everyone who has either driven A Car or A Motorcycle Has Experienced in Their Lives.

And, it’s also something that we can’t avoid especially if we had a bad day or we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But The Driver in This Video is most likely just on His Period.

This Land Rover Discovery 4 Driver Just Went Full on Crazy Mode! I Have no clue what enreged the guy so much to make him get out of his car and nearly smash the cyclist’s head (thank god that didn’t happen) but I’m sure that he was in some kind of angry phase where he hated everything that passed his way, you can just see that in his face. At the start of the video we can see a group of cyclist, cycling on the local streets in South West London and everything was fine until the angry driver passed. He was driving a Black Land Rover Discovery 4 and is a middle aged person. So after passing a few cyclists he decided to cross the path with one of them and nearly hitting him the cyclist ended up into the kerb.

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