About a Week ago there was a Volkswagen Golf Mk.2 On the Nürburgring. But this wasn’t any ordinary Golf Mk.2 on the Nürburgring!

This Golf Is one of, if not The Fastest Circuit Prepped Golf To ever go aboard The Nürburgring! If you Couldn’t tell Already by it’s Stupidly – Agressive Aerodynamics This ” Little ” Golf Means Some Serious Bussiness! I Mean Just Look at It! This Little Monster Has The Engine of a Mk.3 Golf GTi, with a Bigger – All new Turbo That is running somewhere around 0.9 Bar of Boost. It Also Has A Fully Stripped Interior. The Build and the Huge ussage Of Carbon Fibre ( Carton Fibre As Nicknamed By Boosted Boris ) Is Straight – Up Porn!

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