The First Ever Yugo To Go On The Nürburgring!


There Have Been Some Pretty Special And Interesting Cars ( To Say The Least ) On The Nürburgring, But This Is On A Whole New Level!

Some Of You Probably Have Heard Of Boosted Boris, A Russian Comrade That Works At The Nürburgring. He Also Makes Very Good Quality And Very Entertaining Content. If You Have Time Check Out His Channel I Can Guarantee That You Won’t Be Disappointed! But Enough Chit – Chatting, Let’s Talk About The Yugo! Recently There Was A Yugo At The Nürburgring And Boosted Boris Decided That He Wanted To Film An Onboard Lap! Which IS AWESOME!

And This Serbian Yugo Is Owned By Comrade Andrej And He Has Had This Yugo As A Project Car For More Than 10 YEARS! And This Is Its First Time At The Nürburgring. It Was Originally A Yugo 55, And That Means That It Had 55 HP From The Factory Which Wasn’t Enough. And Comrade Andrej Thought That It Was A Great Idea To Swap Its Tiny 1.3L Engine For A larger 1.6L. This 1.6L Lancia Engine Is Basically A Slightly larger Variant Od Its Stock Engine!

I For One Really Enjoyed This Video, So If You Did Too Make Sure To Go And Subscribe To Boosted Boris , And Make Sure To Check Out Some Other Posts!

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