Our First Look At Mercedes AMG’s New 1000bhp Hypercar!


A Teaser Of Mercedes’ Upcoming 1000hp Hypercar Has Been Released At CES in Las Vegas!

Yes, That is Right. Mercedes’ 1000HP Hypercar that we heard about in 2016 has been further teased! We aren’t supposed to see AMG’s Upcoming Brand-Spanking New Hypercar up until the upcoming Frankfurt Motorshow in September.

Exclusive new render of the 2 million euro #AMG hypercar live from CES!! Photo by @MrDes #GTspirit #MercedesAMG #Instacars #CES

A photo posted by GTspirit.com Cars & Luxury (@gtspirit) on

But Thanks to the image above we can get a little bit of an early look at the overall shape of This Monstrous Beast! The Teaser was shown at CES Press Conference in Las Vegas. And From What we are shown it will have a very wide low stance. And it has been said that This Hypercar will be powered by an engine derived by Mercedes AMG’s┬áTinny Tiny little Beastly 1.6L Turbocharged V6, and yes, that is the engine that is currently dominating in F1. And it is Supposedly Pushing Out Some 1000+ horsepowers! It is estimated that it will have a Price Tag of Around 3.500.000 Euros.

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