The Forgotten Cars #1


Mercedes – Benz SL73 AMG



Having Only 85 Cars Produced, You Probably haven’t Heard About The Mercedes SL73 AMG.

The Mercedes SL73 AMG Was an extremely Rare Roadster Built By Mercedes – Benz and Tuned By AMG. It was sold by Mercedes – AMG in 1995 and after a brief hiatus it was offered again from 1998 to 2001. What is so special about the SL73 AMG is the 7.3L V12 that powered it. The 7.3 was basically a larger displacement version of the 6.0L M120 V12. The SL73 AMG made a whopping 518 hp ( 386 kW; 525 PS ), which was very impresive at the time.

7.3 Engine #2


What a Magnificent Sound!

The same 7.3L 48 Valve M120 V12 Was also featured in The Pagani Zonda, which we all know and love!

7.3 Engine #1

Fun Fact!

There was also an even rarer Mercedes – Benz SL70 AMG That was powered by a 7.0L Bored out Version of the 6.0L M120 V12.

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