Guy Drops A Phone On A LEXUS LFA!


Ever Since It Was First Announced The Lexus LFA Was Seen As A Mistake, It Was Very Out Of The Ordinary, More Like A Mistake!

But It Was Seen As A Happy Mistake At The Least By A Lot Of People. And It Really Is To BE Perfectly Honest! Either Way The Lexus LFA Was Extremely Rare With Only 500 Models Being Produced. Being So Rare It Is Extremely Hard To Come By Parts… Which The Guy In The Video Below Might Be In Need Of. When It Was Launched The LFA Had A Base Price Of US$ 375 , 000. There Was Also A Track – Based Variant That Goes By The Name Of The Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition. It Was Priced At US$ 445 , 000. Needless To Say It Was Totally Worth It. Production Of The LFA Ended In 2012 With The Last Model Produced Being A Nurburgring Edition. And Sadly As Stated By¬†European boss Alain Uyttenhoven They Aren’t Planning A Successor To The Brilliant LFA… At Least in The Next 25 Years!

OK That’s Enough Talking About The LFA Let’s Have A Laugh At This Fail!

We Hope You Found This Post Interesting Or Funny, or Both! But Anyways Thank You For Reading And Have A Nice Day!

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