What Happens if you Throw out The Key fob Of a Keyless Entry Car?!


We’ve all been there. Asking Ourselves ” What happens if we throw out the key fob from a keyless entry car?


Well, This Youtuber has Answered this age old question, Finally!

Surely Everyone Who has Ever Driven an Automobile with an electronic handbrake has considered flicking the switch when they’re moving?

Then there’s the Silly Idea of keyless ignition systems. What if you perhaps lobbed the fob out of the car while you’re moving? Happily, you don’t need to your own weird curiosity, as this YouTuber has done exactly that under safe circumstances to see what happens

The car still runs, of course (it’d cause all sorts of safety issues if the engine would merely cut out after losing signal), but worryingly no messages are displayed to warn the driver of the missing key. The Ford Fusion used in the test does at least put out a warning if the key is removed before the car is moving, eradicating the more likely issue of driving off without the key in the first place.

It’s worth pointing out that not all keyless systems will behave this way. Some are known to produce a warning message if the signal to the key is lost while driving, while others can be fairly rubbish about giving any sort of alert.

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