The History Of The Lamborghini Flagships – #2 Lamborghini 400 GT


This Is Going To Be The Second Part Of The History Of The Lamborhini Flagships Sieries. Stay Tuned!


The Second, But Not Really Second Flagship Of Lamborghini Is The Lamborghini 400 GT

And Why I Said It Wasn’t Exactly The Second Flagship Of Lamborghini Is Because Of The Fact That It Had The Same Production Run As The Miura, But Unlike The Lamborghini Miura The 400 GT Wasn’t A Supercar It Was Something In Between A Sportscar And A Grand Tourer.

The Starting Production Of The Lamborghini 400 GT

LAMBO 400 GT 2

The Lamborghini 400 GT Was The Second Ever Automobile To Be Produced By Automobili Lamborghini, Along With The Miura. It Was Produced From 1966 To 1968 With A Total Of 247 Being Built. The First Examples That Were Built Were Simply Reffered To As The 400 GT Or The 400 GT Interim Was Basically The Same As The 350 GT Except For The Fact That The 400 GT Was Powered By An Enlarged 3.9L V12 Instead Of The Three And A Half Litre V12 In The 350 GT. It Was First Presented At The 1966 Geneva Motor Show.

Specifications Of The 400 GT

As Stated Above The 400 GT Was Powered By A 3.9L ( 3,929 cc ) V12 That Made Some Fine 320 hp. It Sent All Of Its Fine Horses To The Rear Wheels Via A Lamborghini Manufactured 5 – Speed Manual With Porsche Like Syncromesh On All Of Its Gears. And Thanks To This All – New And Improved Gearbox And Slightly More Powerful Engine The 400 GT Could Easily Acheive A Top Speed Of 249 km/h or 155 mph. Another Thing That All Of The 400 GTs And The 350 GTs Had In Common Was That They All Had The Same Wheelbase Of 2,550 mm ( 100.4 in ).

Fun Fact!

There Was Also An Extremely Rare Version Of The 400 GT Known As The 400 GT Monza… And If 247 Pieces Of The 400 GT Was Too Much For You, Then Could’ve Bought The One – Off 400 GT Monza.

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