Huge LIFTED Ford F250 Powerstroke Diesel does BURNOUTS and Pulls!

ZAC F250

This is one good looking and mean 2005 Ford F250 Powerstroke

one that has been under some modification in the garage and now it is out on the streets for a test drive and showing off. From the video we can see that the truck is too powerful. When the driver steps on the gas pedal, there is too much smoke coming from the exhaust, meaning that the engine was hungry, and then the tires started making sounds like they will tear apart from the force.

There are some small but also beautiful rims mounted on the truck, which add up points to the whole look of the truck. They are not too small, they are normal sized but they should have been a little bigger for our taste. When idle, the engine is running like a clock, a rather loud clock that is.

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