Kid Cooks Eggs And Bacon On His Viper!


The Dodge Viper SURE IS A Special One!

Especially The Second – Gen Viper Which IS A Gem! Due To Their Humongous V10s The Dodge Viper Is Notorious For Getting Extremely Hot In Two Places. Those Two Places, Of Course Are Below The Door Where The Massive Exhausts Lie. There Have Been A Very Big Amount Of Cases Where People Have Burned Themselves When Getting In Or Out Of The Car. There Have Even Been Cases So Bad That People Have Burned The Skin Off – Of Their Legs. Anyways Enough With That Stuff, Let’s Talk Breakfast… BREAKFAST?! – Yes Breakfast. JR Garage Have Officially Cooked Eggs And Bacon On The Intake Manifold And Exhaust Pipes Of The Viper! This Is Nothing Strange To Be Able To Do This On A Viper, Sadly We Won’t Be Able To Do This In Some Time Due To It’s Discontinuation In 2017.

That’s Frickin’ Awesome! But DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

I Can’t Imagine What This Could Have Tasted Like But It Most Likely Isn’t Healthy At All And For God’s Sake Please Do Not Try This At Home! If You Enjoyed This Video Go Subscribe To JR Garage.

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