How Much Horsepower Does A 20-Year-Old Dodge Viper Make Now?


Doug DeMuro takes his 1997 Viper GTS on the dyno to see how much power it still has after two decades, and the result might not be what you’d expect…

Pretty much all cars lose power over some period of time, regardless of how well they are maintained. As a car racks up the miles, engine parts wear and don’t work near as well as they did when they left the factory.

Doug DeMuro decided to test how much horsepower his 20-year-old Dodge Viper GTS has now, to see how far off the original figure is. As he explains, the second-gen Viper was made by the Chrysler group in the 90s, and at the time, the company wasn’t renowned for precision accuracy. Each individual engine will probably have a slight little horsepower difference, but the official figure for the Viper was 450bhp from an 8.0-litre V10. And there’s lots and lots of lovely V10 noise in this video!

We aren’t not going to spoil the outcome, but suffice to say, it seems the original power figure might have been a tad conservative…

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