I Have NEVER Seen So Many AC Cobras In MY LIFE!


The Shelby Cobra Is One Of The Most Iconic Cars In History Of The Automobile!

Like A Lot Of British manufacturers, AC Was, At The Time Using The Bristol I6 engine in its Smaller Displacement production. The It’s Engine Had a pre-World War II Design By BMW Which by the 1960s was Considered Very Outdaded. Bristol decided in 1961 to cease production of its engine and instead to use Chrysler 313 cu in (5.1 L) V8 engines. AC Began Sourcing Their Cars With The 2.6 litre Ford Zephyr . In 1961, American  Carroll Shelby Asked AC If They Would Build A Car Modified to accept a V8. AC agreed If They Could Be Provided With An Engine.

However, Ford At The Time Wanted To Come Up With A Competitor To The Corvette So They Provided It’s brand new V8which : Ford’s (4.2 L) – lightweight,  small-block V8 tuned for high performance. Ford provided Shelby with two engines. In January 1962 mechanics at AC Cars in Thames Ditton, Surrey fitted the prototype chassis CSX2000 with a 260 ci Ford V8 borrowed from Ford in the UK; the 221 ci was never sent. However, early engineering drawings were titled “AC Ace 3.6”. After testing and modification, the engine and transmission were removed and the chassis was air-freighted to Shelby in Los Angeles on 2 February 1962. His team fitted it with an engine and transmission in less than eight hours at Dean Moon’s shop in Santa Fe Springs, California, and began road-testing.

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