Top 10 Cars that Win Over the Opposite Sex!


The Guys At The Fast Lane Car Take A Look At Some Cars That Supposedly Attract The Opposite Sex. So You Better Save Up Some Cash and Buy Any Of These Cars… Except The Hummer Limo, Anything But The Hummer Limo! There Are Also Some Bonus Cars That Do NOT Attract The Opposite Sex!


The Guys At The Fast Lane Car Have Made A List Of The Top 10 Crappiest American Cars Of The Last 40 Years! The Cars On This List are so crappy that The Chrysler PT Cruiser And The Chevrolet HHR Didn’t Even Get A Chance to be mentioned in this video. Yup. That Crappy! American CarsRead More…


The company Armytrix has come up with a Ridiculously loud titanium exhaust system available for the Lamborghini Aventador. You can hear this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary. modified by LB-Performance doing some loud accelerations and revs followed by some huge flames, sounds Insanely Good! Here Are Some More Pictures Of This Beauty: No Doubt ThisRead More…


Youtuber GeoBaz Has Created An Insanely funny Parody Of DESIIGNERs “Panda” Based Around Hondas…  A Big Thank You To GeoBaz For Making This Masterpiece! Link To The Original Video:  


13-Year-Old Steven Aghakhani and his dad Armik Aghakhani like to spend time together going to top speed events across the USA. Is there a better father and son activity?  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Steven. In 2015 we looked at a video showing the at th time 12-year-old tackling a Shift Sector top speed runRead More…


Here Are 10 Foreign Cars That Are Suprisnigly Made In The USA! Time To Blow Your Mind! Welp, Most Of You Will Probably think that a bigger part of all the foreign cars are built in Asia, Some Parts of Europe and maybe Mexico… But what If I told you that a lot of theRead More…


Drifting madman Ryan Tuerck is giving us a first look at his Ridiculous Ferrari F136 V8-engined Toyota GT86 being built for him.  What fascinates us the most about this build is the particular F136 the team is using, as it’s not the one from the front-engined Ferrari California, But Instead it’s the F136 usually found mounted in the middleRead More…


3. Fiat Bravo HGT  The Fiat Bravo Was a Small Family Hatchback Produced From 1995 to 2001. Its Engine options were: – 1.2L Petrol I4 – 1.4L Petrol I4 – 1.6L Petrol I4 – 1.8L Petrol I4 – 1.9L Diesel I4 – 1.9L Turbocharged Diesel I4 – 1.9L Turbocharged And Intercooled Diesel I4 – 2.0LRead More…


This video features a 1400HP Porsche 9ff GTronic drag racing against a 9ff GTTurbo and a 1200HP Nissan GT-R (R35). A Big Thank You  To Gumbal For Making This Awesome Video! Link To The Original Video:

MERC W140 #1

What an OUTSTANDING SOUND! Altough His Neighbours Probably HATE Him…BUT STILL WORTH IT! Wonderful Sound!

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