A RACE CAR with Over 230.000km on the CLOCK!


Yes, you read the title Right. No, this isn’t Fake.

This Por(N)sche 911 Carrera GT3CS, of the 996 Generation has over 230.000km on the Clock… Believe it or not! Of Which, as the owner states around 80.000 were made at The Track! Wow, someone give that guy a cookie! Even Though most Porsche’s are known for having very good reliability. As Calculated By A Canadian Study in 2011 Most or 97.4%  Of all the Porsches that have been produced in the last 25 years are still on the road! Porsche’s 911 has been officially named by the Technischer Überwachungsverein (Technical Inspection Association) as Germany’s most reliable car.

This 911 GT3CS Came with a 3.6L Flat – Six engine that out of the factory produced around 380 ponies. Although the 996 Generation is one of the least desired generations it had a very good and durable chassis so race cars were quite often built off it. And We are quite happy with the outcome of this. In fact unlike most 911s the 996’s are quite cheap at the moment ( For What You Get In The Package ). So If You enjoyed this post make sure to subscribe to our Friend Boosted Boris For more quality content!

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