Top 7 Cheapest V12 Beater Cars In America!


1. Jaguar XJ-12

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The Jaguar XJ Was and Well, Still is Jaguar’s Flagship, Full-Size Luxury Saloon. But We are going to be talking about the second generation XJ12.The second generation of the Jaguar XJ Was Produced From 1973 to 1979.There were 2 main engines, the XJ12 had the 5.3L Jaguar V12 Engine, while the XJ6 was offered with the Jaguar XK Inline-6 engine in different capacities ( 2.8L-4.2L and they had 140-245 hp ). The XJ12 was ranging from 244 hp to 265 hp.

At the moment the cheapest Jaguar XJ12 on Craigslist, that is in Good Condition is: -Listed At 3000$



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