The Most Underrated ” Super Sedan ” Ever!


The Mercedes C – Class has always been a Great Car, but How Come Nobody is talking About This Gen?!

The Mercedes C – Class W203 was always A Little Underrated in My Book. It was The Second Generation Of The C – Class and it was kind’ve Boring with looks so It Wasn’t A ” Fan Favourite “. But This Didn’t mean that it didn’t have interesting engine options… It had Three AMG Options: A 3.2L Supercharged V6, A 3.0L Turbocharged I5 Diesel which was the First Ever Diesel AMG And Last, but Certainly not Least The C 55 AMG Which was powered by a 5.4L V8. All These AMGs Were Extremely underrated but The Most Powerful one was, of course the C 55 AMG. It rolled out Of The Factory With a Massive 5.4L V8 of Goodness which Put Out 362 Horsepowers and 510 Nm of Torque.


But This Merc is Very, very, very Special Because of it’s extremely tunable engine! it can easily get up to 500 horsepower With a Factory Supercharger installed. And some other small mods sure can make Wonders as shown in the video below.


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