Watch This SAVAGE Volkswagen Phaeton W12 Accelerate 0 – 110 KM/H!


This Savage Volkswagen Phaeton Accelerates 0 – 110 KM/H Like No Other!

We Really Like How When It Accelerates, Just, BAM INSTANT 99.9 L / 100km.

Well, You People Are Probably Asking ”  So What Is So Special About This Passat? “

Well, First Of All This Is Not A Passat, Far From It. This Car, The Volkswagen Phaeton is Like The A8 Of Volkswagen. But Still, What Is So Special About It? I’ll Tell’ya, The Volkswagen Phaeton Apart From Being Extremely Luxurious It Was Powered By A Couple Of Engines: A 3.2L – 3.6L Petrol V6, A 4.2L Petrol V8 And A 3.0L V6. But Those Aren’t Special, In Fact They Are Ordinary Engines, I Mean These Days Which Family Or Executive Sedan Doesen’t Have A Mid – Sized Diesel V6 Or An Around Four Litre V8? Oh, no, no, no, These Were just The Normal Engines. After These Engines Volkswagen Went A Little, Just A Little Bat – Shit Crazy And Two New Engines Were Offered, The 5.0lL Twin Turbo Diesel V10, Yes 5.0L, Twin Turbo, Diesel, V10. And A 6.0L W12… And No, That Wasn’t A Spelling Mistake An ACTUAL W12! Nope, Not A V12, A W12.

So Underrated!

This Is A V12:


And This Is A W12:


Thak You For Reading, Have A Nice Day!


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