What Is This Woman Doing?


Today We Will Be Looking At One Of The Biggest Fails I Have Seen In A While.

So, Today We Are Going To Be Looking At A Video Of A Woman Taking Her Poor Mitsubishi Warrior / Triton For A Good ‘Ol Cleaning Of The Interior… But Honestly, What In The Name Of God Does She Think She Is Doing?!

The Thing Is With That Stupidity If That Was A Tesla She Would Most Likely Have Been In The Hospital By Now.

Either An Extremely Toxic Substance Has Exploded In The Interior Of Her Mitsubishi Warrior / Triton Or She Has No Idea About What She Is doing What So Ever… This Woman Is Setting About Drenching The Inside Of Her Poor Truck.

If You Have Watched Pulp Fiction, This Particular Type Of Cleaning May Bring Back Some Very Good Memories Of A Scene From The Quentin Tarantino Film But Let’s Try To Think That There Is Nothing Sinister Going On. Maybe She Thinks She Is Steam – Cleaning, But It Is Fairly Certain That The Drive Home Was a Quite A Bit Soggy.

Ohh, I Am Feeling Very Sorry For Auto Electrician And Her Truck.

We Hope You Enjoyed Reading This Post, Have A Nice One!


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