World’s ” Most Interesting ” Drag Race?


Today We’ve Got A Very Special Video… Of A Drag Race!

But Not Any Normal Drag Race. A Drag Race Between A Go – Kart Racing With A 640 HP Audi R8 ( Second Generation ) An Then A G – Power Tuned E 92 BMW M3 GT3 Street That Is Making Somewhere Around 600 HP.

The Cart Is Powered By A 160 HP Suzuki Hayabusa Engine ( Approx. 1.4L ) And Weighs Just 160 Kilos ( 353 lbs ) Which Results In A STUPID POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO! The Cart Is Also Driven By Mr. Hayabusa.

The E 92 BMW M3 Is Tuned By A Company Known As G – Power And Is Making Up And About 600 Horsies! It’s Powered By A 4.0L Crossplane V8, Also Equipped With A G – Power Supercharger.

And Finally The Gorgeous Second – Gen Audi R8. I Absolutely Love That Color And The Rims / Wheels! And This Majestic 2016 Audi R8 Is Sending A Total Of 640 HP To All Four Wheels Via A 7 – Speed S – Tronic Gearbox And Audi’s Trademark Quattro Permanent – All Wheel Drive System Along With The Legendary 5.2L V10 Thhat Makes 540 HP With It’s Basic V10 Models ( Coupe And Spyder ) And 610 Stock With It’s V10 Plus Models. This Audi R8 Is Making 640 HP With The Help Of Some Bolt Ons.

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