The WORST Car Names In History!


There Has Always Been That One Wonderful Car That Just Simply Had A Bad Name, Whether It Was Too Long Or Just Really Hard To Pronounce These Are Some Of Best Cars With The ” Baddest ” Of The Bad Names…

1. Lamborghini Centenario


The Car Was Built To Celebrate Ferruccio Lamborghini’s 100th Birthday, Thus It Was Built To Be Remembered… Too Bad Half Of The People That Know What It Is Can’t Even Pronounce It’s Name. Most People Just End Up Pronouncing It ” Century ” or ” Tsentenario”. Pronounced Lamborghini  Chentenario.

2. Bugatti Chiron


The Bugatti Chiron Is The Successor Of The Bugatti Veyron. Despite Being Absolutely Insane With Approximately 1500 HP, The Bugatti Chiron Also Has One Of The Most Mis – Pronounced Names. It Is Named In Honour Of The Race Driver Louis Chiron. In Most Cases The Bugatti Chiron Is Pronounced ” Kyron ” Kind of Like That Ssangyong Thing And ” Cry – On “. Pronounced Bugatti Cheeron.

3. Volkswagen Touareg


The Volkswagen Touareg Is A Full – Sized SUV Manufactured By Volkswagen That Was Very Underrated, Well At Least It’s First Generation. It Is Named After The Nomadic Tuareg People inhabitants of the Saharan interior in North Africa. But A Lot Of People Often Pronounce It ” Turegg “. Pronounced Volkswagen Twaregg.

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